Demi Lovato Says She'll Hold Her Own On Tour With Jonas Brothers

'I always hold my own, get it straight!' the Disney star says of being the only girl on tour.

It isn't easy being the only girl surrounded by guys sometimes. That's why when Demi Lovato hits the road with the Jonas Brothers this summer for their tour, she promises that she isn't going to let anyone mess with her.

"I always hold my own, get it straight!" she joked to MTV News on Tuesday, when she and the guys spoke about their summer tour, which kicks off in Dallas in June. "I'm just kidding! It'll be fun. I'm excited. I'm representing."

The "Camp Rock 2" co-stars think the timing for this tour is perfect, because the fans have been waiting for it. "It's been a minute since we've been on the road, and we're really excited to get back out there and see our fans," Kevin said. "We have new material as well. We have a lot of stuff from 'Camp Rock,' 'JONAS,' and it's going to be a lot of good times."

Not only will the tour feature the JoBros and Lovato, but also some special surprise guests from the "Camp Rock" universe. "We're working out all the details right now for the tour," Nick said. "It's gonna be a fun night of music. I think all of us are just anxious to get out there and play for our fans. That's the most important part for us and bringing some friends from 'Camp Rock,' as well. And, obviously, having Demi will be great and we're looking forward to it."

While there will be plenty of "Camp Rock" songs on the tour, the guys say fans should brace themselves for a full-on JoBros tour. "It's a Jonas Brothers tour, as usual. We just thought it'd be great to integrate [other] musical outlets as well," Kevin added. "We thought it was a great way for our opening acts to have a place in the show as well. It's gonna be fun, 'cause we know everybody. We've been doing a movie together for a while."

Will you check out the JoBros and Demi on tour? What are you expecting from the show? Let us know in the comments!