Roscoe Dash Films 'Have-Fun, Wild-Out' Video For 'Show Out'

MC says Chris Brown tried to get on the summertime single.

Atlanta hip-hop star [artist id="3483581"]Roscoe Dash[/artist] burst on the scene with his crunk-rock party-starter "All the Way Turnt Up." However, the rising rapper said his latest single, "Show Out," will really turn things up this summer.

" 'Turnt Up' was kind of like my get-your-foot-in-the-door record and video, and I kinda, like, put that motivational message into 'Turnt Up,' " Dash told MTV News. "But 'Show Out' is kinda like that have-fun, wild-out, it's-the-summertime, do-what-you-want-to-do type of record."

The video — which features images of Dash holding court among an array of flashy cars and bikes and riding a jet ski mixed with scenes of beach babes frolicking along the shore — was apparently as fun to shoot as it looks. "It didn't even seem like we were shooting a video," Dash said. "It really was like we was just out there having fun and the cameras just happened to be there."

With its visual smorgasbord of summertime stuntin', Dash hopes "Show Out" will be a classic warm-weather clip. "The video is going to speak for itself, I think, because we got a lot of summertime things going on. Hopefully it'll be the video of the summer and next summer and the summer after that."

Dash — whose debut album, Ready Set Go!, is scheduled to drop mid-summer — also revealed that R&B star [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] initially tried to get on "Show Out." "I was like, 'Man, don't even worry about the "Show Out" record,' because we not gonna push a remix until it's peaked anyway. It's gonna take time for all of that," Roscoe said. "I'd rather get something that's gonna be quick that we can go ahead and throw out there early."

Dash said a Brown collabo will make the album. "He put something together for me, and when I went out to L.A., I did my thing on it and made magic."

Ready Set Go! is also set to include a collabo with hip-hop titan Young Jeezy and super-producer Polow Da Don.

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