T-Pain Thinks 'American Idol' Could Help Him Sell More Records

'I don't know if they let you use Auto-Tune, but if they do, I'm a shoo-in,' he tells MTV News.

[artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] is diligently at work on his next album, but it seems like the Tampa, Florida, native is already thinking about the marketing plan for the project.

"Revolver is coming," he told MTV News on Saturday, backstage at Chris Brown's "Virginia Stand Up!" benefit concert. "We're just trying to see. ... It's hard to sell records unless you're Susan Boyle, I guess. Nobody is selling records.

"I should compete on 'American Idol' the way they're selling records when they come off of there," T-Pain laughed. "I need to be a part of that competition. I don't know if they let you use Auto-Tune, but if they do, I'm a shoo-in. I'm two shoes in! I'm a pair of shoes in."

The computer-aided crooner hasn't released a project since he was embroiled in a pseudo-feud with Jay-Z after the rapper released his single "D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)."

Pain initially announced his follow-up to 2008's Thr33 Ringz would be Revolver, although he flirted with the title UBER. But that project, which he said was going to be released last year, appears to have been shelved.

Recently, T-Pain announced that plans for a joint album with Lil Wayne are now on hold following the rapper's incarceration. He told MTV News in March that it didn't make sense to rush the project while Wayne was preparing to begin his prison sentence.

"The T-Wayne album, we're actually gonna wait until he gets out," Pain said at the time. "He has so much going on. He has Rebirth out right now. I don't wanna interrupt that. We just gonna wait until he gets out to really get in on that. We recorded a bunch of songs. But, right now, it's time for him and his personal sh--. We definitely got an album's worth of material, but it's only an album's worth. It's nothing to pick from. We just got an album. We can put out whatever we feel like and say, 'Hey, this is T-Wayne's album,' or we can actually try to make it good. Like we're actually trying to make an album and say, 'This is the good T-Wayne album.' Rather than just record 12 songs and say, 'Here you go, mutha----as! I know you want it. You gonna buy it anyway, just 'cause you think it's good.' "

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