Justin Bieber Tells Ellen DeGeneres He's 'Dating Around'

He also reveals his hair secrets: 'I get out of the shower, I blow-dry it, and it's done in five minutes.'

When it comes to landing teenybopper stars, Ellen DeGeneres has been on top of her game. Hot on the heels of last week's appearance by YouTube sensation Greyson Chance, DeGeneres was visited by Justin Bieber on Monday afternoon (May 17). Their lively exchange included talk about crazy fans, spending time with Miley Cyrus and Bieber's trademark glossy locks.

The talk-show host started things off by asking Bieber how he handles the constant screaming and assorted fandemonium associated with his public appearances.

"We've had some crazy stuff," he admitted but brushed off fan antics as par for the course, saying, "It can get a little crazy sometimes, but we have tight security. ... I'm having fun. Teenage boy on the road, havin' fun."

DeGeneres then ventured into more personal territory and asked the 16-year-old pointed questions about his dating life.

"I'm dating around," he said. "Hanging around with girls, but not really dating."

"Like hanging around with Miley Cyrus?" DeGeneres pushed, while showing the audience a paparazzi photo of Cyrus and Bieber together.

"[I'm] just, like, hanging out with people," Bieber responded.

"With Miley Cyrus?" DeGeneres asked again.

"Yeah," Bieber said, smiling, uncomfortable with answering the question directly. "And just ... people."

The cheeky host eventually let up, suggesting that he and Cyrus should at least record a duet together. She then changed the subject to Bieber's hairdo, wondering how long it takes him to get ready every morning.

"Like five minutes," Bieber said. "Like seriously. ... I get out of the shower, I blow-dry it, and it's done in five minutes. I just shake [my head]."

DeGeneres then readied the audience for Bieber's performance of his hit song "Baby," but before going to commercial, she held up some scissors and announced that she was going to cut "just a little" bit of the pop star's hair. Bieber politely, and a little anxiously, declined.

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