Ke$ha Says She’s Not Just Helping Nashville For PR

'I owe a lot to the city, and it has so much soul,' pop star says of hometown devastated by floods.

A majority of Nashville’s biggest artists have been pitching in to try and raise funds to help Music City after it was devastated by flooding earlier this month. Raucous pop singer and Nashville native Ke$ha is joining the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus to raise money for her hometown.

“Nashville is really sad, sad story,” she told MTV News backstage at KIIS-FM’s annual Wango Tango festival in Los Angeles over the weekend. “But I also know that that city has so much soul that we will rebuild.”

Ke$ha is holding a fundraising benefit on June 16 at the Limelight entertainment venue in Nashville to give back to the city that she says has given so much to her. “I am from there, and I have to say that it really helped shape me as an artist because it’s so conducive to real musicianship and playing,” she explained. “And it’s so nurturing for just learning how to play, like in school I had rock band and guitar class. So I owe a lot to the city, and it has so much soul.”

That soul, she said, is what will help Nashville pull through. “So, I know we will rebuild, and I’m helping to so do by throwing a huge benefit show on the 16th of June,” she said.
“One hundred percent of the proceeds are going to go to families and animals affected. I want to continue to do anything I can think of I can possibly can do. Anything anyone can tell me to do, tell me, ’cause I want to help Nashville. It’s not just for bulls— PR. I actually love the city. I love the place. It’s home to me. I moved back, so I am 100 percent committed to helping it rebuild.”

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