Rick Ross Steals Stacey Dash In 'Super High' Video Preview

'I end up snatching her and spending the rest of the evening with her,' the MC says of his co-star.

He might shout out his name as Ricky Rosé now, but the Miami rapper [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] is still the "Bawse."

In a preview of his new video for "Super High," Ross rides on a Harley Davidson and flirts with an eager Stacey Dash before her male suitor, seated next to her in his Lamborghini, tries to halt the proceedings. With a press of the accelerator, however, Ross' would-be rival is gone, speeding away on the desert highway. Ross, though, gives chase, and a head-nod order sends his bike gang on the move to surround the Italian sports car. The Miami don then pulls up beside the car and casually directs Dash to exit and get on his bike, and the video vixen agrees.

And just like that, their adventure begins.

The video was directed by F. Gary Gray. Ross told MTV News that the veteran director came out of a 10-year music-video hiatus to helm the clip. Ross got acquainted with the Hollywood director through his new alliance with Diddy.

"Shout-out to F. Gary Gray," Ross told MTV News on the set of the clip recently. "That's my favorite director throughout film. ... Diddy introduced me to him one night. When I completed the record, I flew out to L.A. and met with him. I played [the track] for him. I gotta shout him out big time. ... But the video is actually like a flashback of [the movie] 'Easy Rider' — a bunch of homies hoggin' the highway. We run across a beautiful young lady, which happens to be Stacey Dash, and a dude — he's a d----- bag. I end up snatching her and spending the rest of the evening with her, the way a boss should."

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