Lil Wayne Is 'Probably Dying To Spit,' Jay Sean Says

'He's gonna come out and do 100 albums,' Jay tells MTV News of imprisoned Cash Money superstar.

Cash Money hero Jay Sean said the label's cornerstone act is doing as well as can be expected in prison. Sean said several members of Cash Money — including the CEOs, Ronald "Slim" Williams and his brother Bryan "Baby" Williams — visit Lil Wayne frequently.

"They go and see him once a week," Jay said recently in New York. "Either Baby will go in one week and Slim will go the other week. His boys will go and see him. [Wayne is] good. He's doing well."

Besides seeing his family, Jay said Weezy is longing to get back in the studio.

"I think the hardest thing for Wayne right now is not being in the studio," he said. "That's it. That's probably the only thing; he's probably dying to spit. Think about it. The guy was making a new song every day, every hour. He's gonna come out and do 100 albums.

"I'm sure it's all up in here," Jay added, alluding to the fact that Wayne doesn't write his lyrics down.

When Sean asks Slim and Baby about Wayne, "It's the same thing," he said. " 'How's he doing? Is he cool?' Hopefully he's not getting into any trouble. They say he's getting better and better. He's more positive. He can't wait to come out."

Besides the Cash Money Millionaires, Wayne also had a high-profile visit in prison from Diddy.

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