Jay-Z Said Earlier This Year He's 'Inspired' By LeBron James

NBA fans are wondering if James will head to Jay's New Jersey Nets when his Cleveland contract is up.

Now that LeBron James has received an early exit out of the NBA playoffs for the second straight year, fans wonder: Will the 2009-10 MVP hang up his Cavs jersey for a move to Brooklyn?

It's no mystery that King James and Jay-Z are bosom buddies and that Jay's influence on the scoring champ could bring the kid from Akron, Ohio, to the Big Apple. Earlier this year at their "Two Kings" annual event during the NBA All-Star weekend in Dallas, Hov told a crowd of reporters that he was impressed by LeBron's growth over the years.

"I'm inspired by LeBron James at this moment, this season that he's having," Jay said. "I didn't think that he would get any better. I remember when I first met him — he told me that he played point guard and I was like, 'You'll never make it in the NBA.' I didn't think he'd make it past half-court — he's 6-foot-8! But I didn't know how gifted this young man would become. And he's getting better."

"Growing up, I had many inspirations," James added.

Jay-Z and LeBron share many similarities, from the reigning positions in their respective careers down to the origins of their upbringing, as both superstars come from single-parent homes.

"I think our biggest inspirations were our families," Jay continued. "We didn't have all of this stuff coming around the neighborhood. For us, it was just our mothers, our parents — our strong mothers."

Later in the Q&A session, a reporter asked LeBron if he ever thought about playing for the Dallas Mavericks. "Uh ..." LeBron paused, looking toward Jay for an answer.

"That's a little self-serving," Hov shot back at the reporter.

"What about the Nets?" another reporter asked.

"Nah," Jay calmly responded. Only time will tell if Jay is pulling our leg — he's been known to do that.

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