Swizz Beatz Wants To 'Get Really Involved' In Arts Education

'I just feel that it's so important to really be a part of something that's so amazing and helpful,' the producer says.

Swizz Beatz met with some of his younger fans Thursday in his hometown of the Bronx, New York. The super-producer is not just giving his time and energy to help mold youthful minds, but he's teaching them some of his skills and donating his money. Swizz has adopted the Bronx Charter School for the Arts, which incorporates arts education with social skills and other academics for its elementary-age students.

"I've been doing things in that world [of art], but I wanted to take it up another notch and get really involved," Swizz said. "A lot of people can go to charities and donate certain things and go back to their life — that doesn't mean the problem is over or the demand or need for a youth is over. I just feel that it's so important to really be a part of something that's so amazing and helpful full-time."

Swizz hopes that when influential and successful individuals get involved in charities they sincerely care about the work.

"[I hope they mean it], as opposed to, 'I'mma go to this charity so I could feel better' — that's how people look at it. 'It's a good look if I do this.' But I think it's a good look if you do it for real and maintain for real. I'm from the South Bronx and the school is not too far from Jackson Avenue, where I used to live — St. Mary's projects. It's just super amazing to see kids that come from the 'hood with so much positive energy in this negative world.

"It's always something amazing going on," he added about the school. "Yesterday I was there and they got this play called 'Seussical.' It's like a Broadway play for real. They got their stuff together. They got an art auction. I'm gonna get all the celebrities and people I know to make adopting charter schools the thing to do, especially for art. Those are the programs being taken away and those are the programs that help our kids. We can't take that away. That's the thing right there that keeps the kids there motivated with hope. When you' re talking arts and music and different things like [that], which is still a learning [tool] from these things — no disrespect to any other subject. They're able to teach the kids all the fundamental things in the world through art and music."

Swizz said he's working out a deal now where he can donate some of the proceeds of his next album to the Bronx Charter School for the Arts as well as other children in need of arts education. There's no release date, but Swizz — who's featured in the new video for Diddy-Dirty Money's "Hello, Good Morning" — has been staying busy in the lab working on tracks for Diddy, Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes and has also submitted records for Dr. Dre's Detox LP.

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