The Jonas Brothers' 'It's On' Video Gives Sneak Peek Of 'Camp Rock 2'

JoBros' new video was made just after they wrapped the Disney movie.

Fans will get a glimpse into the world of "Camp Rock 2" on Friday night (May 14), when the Jonas Brothers release their new music video for the track, "It's On," off the TV-movie's soundtrack. Shot just as the guys wrapped up work on "CR2," which will premiere September 3 on Disney, the guys say that the video perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the sequel.

"We shot [the video] back in September, October, and it was a great experience," Joe Jonas told MTV News at the Young Hollywood Awards on Thursday night. "We were able to get back with the cast, and the video was really fun.

Joe added that the video, which was directed by Brandon Dickerson, will give fans a taste of what they will see in the flick. "It has a lot of pieces to the puzzle to what people will see when the movie does come out," he said. "I think it's also a little something of what people are going to see when we go out on tour."

"The video is a really cool concept," Kevin Jonas continued. "It takes on the aspect of the music and just the intensity, the high energy of what the song is. ... What's cool is just the passion of all the people who are singing."

Nick explained that it was a bit of a high-intensity shoot since they filmed "It's On" at night. "It was good. It was a long night. We shot it overnight, 'cause we wrapped the movie with night shoots so from basically 10 [at night] to 10 in the morning every day [we shot the movie]," he said. "And after the movie wrapped, we shot the video, so we had to stay on that schedule. We stayed up all night and then [had] a flight on the next day. It was [an experience] we'll never forget."

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