Perez Hilton, Lily Allen Back At War On Twitter

Latest feud began when gossip blogger posted pictures of singer crying at football match.

Lily Allen and Perez Hilton have a long (and quite amusing) history of Twitter feuds, stretching all the way back to the winter of 2009, when the two engaged in an epic war of words that culminated in the Brit songstress calling the blogger "a parasite" and "a cheap-ass whore."

It was pretty entertaining, to be honest.

Round two went down in August of the same year, when Hilton posted a photo of Allen on his Web site (with the caption "Lily Allen + Motherhood = Bad Idea") and linked to an interview she had given to Britain's OK! magazine, in which she said she wanted to retire from the music business and raise a family. Hilton used said interview to rip Allen's virtues as a wannabe mom, writing, "We foresee the afternoon that Lily gets so drunk, she confuses the playpen for the pig pen and her baby has to waddle in mud for hours before someone notices!"

Allen — who reportedly had suffered a miscarriage the previous year — was somewhat understandably upset and ripped into Hilton, calling him "an evil bastard" and threatening legal action. (Hilton, of course, responded with "I love you too! xoxo.")

It was sort of disgusting, to be honest.

And now, well, the two are back at it again. Late Thursday, Hilton posted pictures of Allen "sobbing out all the vodka" while attending the UEFA Europa League Final match between Fulham FC (whom she supports) and Atlético Madrid. Fulham lost, 2-1, which might explain why Allen was caught crying on TV — who knows, maybe she's into sports — but, according to Hilton, her tears were due to the fact that "she must have gotten waaaaaasted during the match ... we bet the players couldn't concentrate with the RANK smell of booze and despair seeping off of her in the crowd."

Classy. Anyway, of course, this angered Allen, who linked to Hilton's post and wrote, "Yeah, sure, I got wasted sitting next to my granddad,"

and then pointed out the fact that there were plenty of pictures of other famous Fulham fans drinking during the match, but Hilton didn't post any of those.

"That guy is a such a woman-hating retard," she wrote. "There are pictures of Hugh Grant at the same game sipping pints, he didn't publish those though ... oh, and p.s. [Perez], I was up the next morning in London doing promotion for WWF's Rainforest Rescue at 6 a.m., so go pick on someone else."

Hilton, of course, responded, claiming he was offended that Allen called him a "retard," and then hit back at her, writing "Oh, and P.S.

You're a tw--! Xoxo."

As of press time, Allen had yet to respond to that barb, perhaps signaling the end of this feud. Hilton, on the other hand, has since gotten back to business as usual.