'Letters To Juliet' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Amanda Seyfried and her co-stars give you the dish on their romantic new flick.

[movieperson id="346182"]Amanda Seyfried[/movieperson] and her [movie id="430304"]"Letters to Juliet"[/movie] co-stars Christopher Egan,


uliet-gael-garcia-bernal/">Gael García Bernal and Vanessa Redgrave all headed off to the literary city of Verona for the romantic flick, opening Friday (May 14). In the film, about finding loves old and new, Sophie (Seyfried) must decide who is better for her, her clueless hottie chef fiancé, Victor (García Bernal), or Charlie (Egan), the dapper, jaded Brit she meets in Italy. And while we won't reveal whom she ends up with, here's everything you need to know about the movie before hitting the theater this weekend.

The cast is full of hard-core romantics. Seyfried admits she would do anything for love, much like her character in the flick. And Egan says that unlike Charlie, he's actually quite the softie when it comes to girls. So much so that he's already been on a romantic, real-life Italian road trip.

The movie isn't chock-full of Shakespearean references (in case you were worried). Seyfried credits the Bard's famous play for the flick, but promises it isn't a retelling of the classic story. "Yeah, if 'Romeo & Juliet' didn't exist, the movie wouldn't exist," she said. "But otherwise it's its own story.


The cast loved shooting in Italy. But come on, who wouldn't? García Bernal says that he soaked in the culture in Verona and its surrounding area. "[I did the film] just to have fun ... to enjoy working with the group of actors that were here," he said. "To spend some time in Italy, I had a lot of fun doing it."

The film proves that love doesn't always come easily. Egan explains that unlike most flicks of this genre, the characters don't find it that easy to like one another. "I think it's nice in our movie that they don't just hit it off straight away and it's all just happy ever after," he said. "It feels like real characters with real issues and I think that's the perfect love story — two characters that hate each other in the beginning, but end up transforming over the course of the movie."

Seyfried admits that she loves a good romantic flick and this is one! The film's star says that if you need to be reminded how awesome love is, then this is the flick for you. "It's a romantic movie. It's a fairytale kind of love and you know what? It's really hard not to be inspired by watching two people love each other over the span of 50 years," Seyfried explained.

"And keep that flame alive inside of their bodies. It's crazy what love can do for you or for anybody. As an actor and as an audience member, I love playing in love and I love watching it."

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