Bret Michaels May Return To Tour In Two Weeks

After brain hemorrhage, Poison frontman is reportedly prepping for May 28 concert.

[artist id="500964"]Bret Michaels[/artist] is reportedly working extra hard in physical therapy in the hopes of making his return to the stage before month's end.

The Poison rocker, who suffered a nearly fatal brain hemorrhage last month, was discharged from a Phoenix hospital on May 4. And according to People magazine, he is aiming to be back on the road in time for a May 28 show at the Hard Rock in Mississippi.

Though a spokesperson for Michaels could not be reached for confirmation at press time, an unnamed source told the magazine that the singer is stepping up his physical therapy to get back in shape for the show on his postponed Roses & Thorns tour. That outing was first interrupted when Michaels underwent an emergency appendectomy on April 12.

"He's still in rehab," said the source. "His doctor told him to do physical therapy once a day, but he's doing it twice a day, because he wants a speedy, 100 percent recovery." It's possible Michaels is pushing hard in order to make it to the May 23 finale of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

The source said that Michaels' crew is providing his bus drivers with directions to the closest hospitals all along the tour route should the 47-year-old singer face complications.

At a May 4 press conference, Michaels' doctors said he was doing well, walking and talking and expected to make a 100 percent recovery. At the time, physicians said he was still subject to painful blood clots, back pain and headaches. His doctor predicted at the time that Michaels might be able to resume regular activities within four to six weeks, but said that he warned Michaels not to make any promises about when he would get back to work.

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