Diddy Paid A Quiet Visit To See Lil Wayne In Prison

'No one knew [he was here] until it was time for him to leave,' our Rikers Island source says.

Lil Wayne has been behind bars for almost two months now, and he's managed to make headlines as if he never went away.

The rapper made waves earlier this week for having headphones, a charger and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell, according to a source at Rikers Island who spoke to MTV News. And last week, Diddy visited the Cash Money Records superstar in jail.

But according to the same Rikers source, the Bad Boy mogul made more noise in the papers than at the prison facility.

"No one knew [he was here] until it was time for him to leave," the source told MTV News. "You know, also, a lot of the time people don't want to seem like they're stargazers, the officers."

Diddy has yet to comment about his Lil Wayne visit.

The rapper has picked up a job while at the Eric M. Taylor correctional facility, but with his recent infraction, he may be stripped of his duties as suicide-prevention aide. Prior to his violation, the Rikers Island source said Lil Wayne has blended in with the rest of the prison population.

"It's just day-to-day business, nothing different than anything else," the source said of the New Orleans MC's activities. "You got to understand, this is a different type of atmosphere. It's not like the prisons where you go upstate, to Sing Sing or places like that. This is a medium-security [population], not maximum security."

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