Diddy Paid A Quiet Visit To See Lil Wayne In Prison

'No one knew [he was here] until it was time for him to leave,' our Rikers Island source says.

[article id="1633428"]Lil Wayne has been behind bars[/article] for almost two months now, and he's managed to make headlines as if he never went away.

The rapper made waves earlier this week for having headphones, a charger and a watch that doubles as an MP3 player in his jail cell, according to [article id="1639155"]a source at Rikers Island[/article] who spoke to MTV News. And last week, [article id="1638299"]Diddy visited the Cash Money Records superstar[/article] in jail.

But according to the same Rikers source, the Bad Boy mogul made more noise in the papers than at the prison facility.

"No one knew [he was here] until it was time for him to leave," the source told MTV News. "You know, also, a lot of the time people don't want to seem like they're stargazers, the officers."

Diddy has yet to comment about his Lil Wayne visit.

The rapper has picked up a job while at the Eric M. Taylor correctional facility, but with his recent infraction, he may be stripped of his duties as suicide-prevention aide. Prior to his violation, the Rikers Island source said Lil Wayne has blended in with the rest of the prison population.

"It's just day-to-day business, nothing different than anything else," the source said of the New Orleans MC's activities. "You got to understand, this is a different type of atmosphere. It's not like the prisons where you go upstate, to Sing Sing or places like that. This is a medium-security [population], not maximum security."

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