'Letters To Juliet' Star Amanda Seyfried Loves Playing 'In Love'

Moviegoers are 'gonna see love happen,' actress tells MTV News of the film.

Amanda Seyfried loves a good love story. But while the "Letters to Juliet" star connected to the romance in the film, she was also moved by the Italian countryside that provides the setting.

"They're gonna see some aesthetically inspiring stuff. It's a beautiful city. It's it's own character in the movie," Seyfried told MTV News of the Verona, Italy, setting. "They're gonna see love happen."

In the flick, Sophie (Seyfried) travels to Verona, where she finds a letter written a half-century earlier by a woman named Claire (Vanessa Redgrave) and convinces the older woman to come in search of her long-lost love, Lorenzo.

"It's a romantic movie. It's a fairytale kind of love and, you know what? It's really hard not to be inspired by watching two people love each other over the span of 50 years," she said. "And keep that flame alive inside of their bodies. It's crazy what love can do for you or for anybody. As an actor and as an audience member, I love playing 'in love,' and I love watching it."

Seyfried said that unattached or recently single moviegoers who might be scared off by all the relationship stuff should still come out for the flick. "I love being in love, obviously, but we're not all so lucky to be in love," she added. "It's nice to get it in little pieces in movies or TV or in songs ... in paintings."

Comparing herself to her character, Sophie, the actress admitted to being a hard-core romantic. "I'd fly anywhere for somebody if I loved them," she explained. "There are no boundaries. There are some things I wouldn't do. I wouldn't kill for love, for sure, but I would do anything positive for love. I would do it."

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