'Eclipse' Stars Dish On Fame, Robots And Beef Patties On 'Oprah'

'It's almost like you live in two different worlds,' Taylor Lautner says of balancing real life with celebrity.

Among the hot topics when the "Eclipse" cast stopped by "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Thursday (May 13) was Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's rumored romance, Taylor Lautner's love life and Pattinson's onetime desire to be a rapper. The trio also dished on their overwhelming fame.

"This means a lot to you guys, and it's the same deal for me," Stewart told the Twilighter-filled audience. "I understand that your words have weight, and I mince them when I know everybody's waiting for them. ... Most people's favorite book is not a part of their lives. It's never going to happen again."

"We've been sort of central to the whole thing since the beginning," Pattinson added. "It started, really, when no one knew anything about it. I still, to this day, can't really connect to the craziness, and it's a great position to be in. You walk in a room and everybody's screaming, and it's not really about you, so it never really goes to your head. You can kind of participate in it."

Regarding his position on the Time 100 Most Influential People list, he joked, "It's completely ridiculous. A few years ago, I wouldn't be able to influence my dog to walk!"

The "Eclipse" crew let loose on the show, especially when Lautner was talking about bulking up to play Jacob. "I basically ate a lot, as much as I could," he said. "If I was busy or if I was on set or I was in L.A. in meetings, I would have to carry around this little miniature cooler. I would carry around, like, beef patties. ... It's so weird," he laughed. "I'll be, like, talking to somebody, and all of a sudden, I'll just be like: 'Can you hold on one second? I've got to eat a beef patty.' "

When co-star Dakota Fanning stopped by, she revealed what girls in her little sister's school are up to these days. "My sister is 12, and she and her best friend are obsessed with everything ['Twilight']," Dakota said of fellow actress Elle. "They have the cutouts of Rob and Taylor. They're actually making a robot at school, and they named it 'Rob-ot Pattinson.' "

The cast knows how much the films mean to the fans, and they said they are still trying to figure out how to balance their real lives with fame. "It's almost like you live in two different worlds," Lautner said. "You go into that world, and then you completely vanish, and you go back to your regular life."

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