'District 9' Star Says Sequel Should Come 'Eventually'

'It's really coming down to a timing issue,' Sharlto Copley says of plans for a second movie.

Given its $115 million box-office success, positive critical reception and overwhelming audience enthusiasm, it's fairly safe to assume a [movie id="372771"]"District 9"[/movie] sequel will go into production in the next few years. And when MTV News recently caught up with the film's breakout star, Sharlto Copley, he told us he and director Neill Blomkamp have definitely discussed a second visit to the District.

"Neill has said several times that he wants to do another one. It's really coming down to a timing issue," Copley explained. "I think eventually, what Neill wants to do — I'm doing films now as an actor — when Neill commits to something he obviously commits for a significant period of time. At the end of the day, it'll be up to when Neill wants to do it, but I know he wants to. I would love to go back to the world and the character. I really enjoyed the character."

Copley says that as far as what his character might be up to in a sequel, one thing he'd like for Wikus is to remain on Earth, versus having the film set on another planet.

"I would definitely want to keep it grounded on Earth. I definitely have more interest, personally, in work that feels a little bit grounded," he offered. "It's work that's easier for me to relate to. I think that was the edge with 'District 9,' the world of Johannesburg and the world of South Africa. I would hope that it would stay there. But you never know with Neill — he really is a genius! If he came up with a good way to put it in another planet, I'd be interested! I'd be there in a second."

Finally, we asked Copley for his take on the much-discussed, did-he-or-didn't-he-turn-into-a-prawn moment at the end of "District 9."

"You see, this is the interesting thing — everybody just buys that! This is what I'm loving," he laughed. "Everybody is always like, 'That's you at the end, right? That's you! That's you!' I'll just leave it there! If you're convinced, then you're convinced!"

So we suggested that frame one of the sequel should be Wikus popping up behind the Prawn's shoulder ... to which Copley laughed in our face.

"Right, like knocking his head off with a bat! No, I can't say," he insisted. "I can't say."

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