Channing Tatum Is 'All Good' With Wife Kissing Christina Aguilera In 'Not Myself Tonight'

'I'm proud' actor says of wife Jenna Dewan's steamy appearance in the clip.

[artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] got back to ger "Dirrty" roots in her latest "Not Myself Tonight" video, which included taking a bunch of dancers on her sexy ride. One of those lucky people was Jenna Dewan, star of "Step Up" and wife of heartthrob Channing Tatum. In the clip, Dewan spends part of the time with her hands bound, gets felt up by Aguilera and shares a lip-lock with the pop singer.

And, if you think that any of it made Tatum feel uncomfortable, you are very wrong. It seems the Hype Williams-directed romp gets two thumbs from the star. "Oh yeah, man! I'm proud! I'm like, 'Yeah!' It's good for me," Tatum told MTV News. "I did know it was coming, of course — she's not going to keep it a secret from me. I'd be like, 'Really? Why'd you keep that from me?' "

Aside from his wife's steamy interludes with Aguilera, Tatum thinks the entire video is quite, well, sexy. "I mean, it's all good for me," he said. "I think the video's hot and good and sexy and all that."

Tatum even has his own sexy video past — he once appeared shirtless in Ricky Martin's Atlantis-themed video for "She Bangs." "I don't even remember 'She Bangs,' " he laughed. "It was one of those [things] we did it in, like, a weekend. It was crazy three days at the Atlantis resort. It was like, 500 girls and four guys. It was insane. My life wasn't so bad."

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