Ke$ha's 'Your Love Is My Drug' Video: Beards, Boulders, Beatles And Bodypaint

'Tik Tok' singer's wild clip, from Animal album, premiered today.

You can accuse [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist] of being many things (and after her divisive performance on "Saturday Night Live," last month, many people have), but you cannot say that she's not honest.

In recent weeks, she's told us that her brand-new video for "Your Love Is My Drug"

would be set in a desert, would feature plenty of animals, at least one bearded dude, an extended, body-paint enhanced dance sequence in a cave, and animation inspired by the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine" film. And now that the video has premiered ... well, she wasn't lying.

"Drug" — which premiered at 12:01 am Thursday (May 13) on — is very much all of those things, a rollicking, slightly nonsensical thing that follows Ke$ha and her hirsute lover on a psychedelic romp through the deserts of Lancaster, California. She rides an elephant. She covers herself in body paint (like she did on "SNL"), wraps a python around her neck and writhes beneath the glow of black lights. She crawls around with a tiger mask stuck to her face. Midway though the clip, the whole thing morphs into a heady, psychedelic trip, with curvy animated waves lapping against the desert rocks, and singing fish that look like they were lifted from the Beatles' 1968 "Submarine" flick.

None of it makes much sense, but that hardly matters. As Ke$h herself even admitted, she wrote the song "on an airplane, in, like, 10 minutes." None of this is a slight on either the tune or the clip: It's a supremely catchy pop tune, and the video is the perfectly blissed-out accompaniment.

Of course, if one were to get deep about it, with all the desert interloping, "Drug" also recalls Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 film "Zabriskie Point," not to mention the "Mr. Show" sketch "Jeepers Creepers Semi-Star," but I'm willing to bet those similarities are purely coincidental. It seems that, with "Drug," Ke$ha has stumbled on a perfect formula for pop success: Don't think too big, or too much. Sometimes an elephant ride is just an elephant ride.

It's a lot harder than you'd think to make something seem this effortless. Like I said, you can accuse Ke$ha of many things — but don't ever say she's not smart.

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