'Avatar,' 'Paranormal Activity,' 'District 9' Stars React To MTV Movie Award Nominations

'I think these awards are totally cool, and to get two nominations is just a gas,' says Stephen Lang of 'Avatar.'

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominations are in, pitting villains against villains, fights against fights and scared-as-hell moments against scared-as-hell moments. In other words, the show is shaping up to be completely freakin' nuts. As the June 6 awards show approaches, we've been speaking to the nominees to get their reactions about the honors.

"This is crazy news — I love it!" said [movieperson id="452299"]Sharlto Copley[/movieperson] of [movie id="372771"]"District 9,"[/movie] who garnered a nod in the brand-new category Scared-as S**t Performance. "I love the way they just make up the category names! That, to me, always made the MTV Movie Awards more interesting than any of the others. They were always my favorite."

A South African native, Copley has a long history of watching the show and made a point of thanking fans for giving him a chance to take part in the action. "I'm very surprised but very grateful to the MTV and 'District 9' fans that voted for me," he said. "It really — the MTV Movie Awards were the kind of awards that I like, the only real award ceremony over the years in South Africa that I actually did watch whenever I could. It's a real honor. It also actually shows that our film ended up in the pop culture."

Among his competition in the Scared-as S**t Performance category is [movieperson id="1093370"]Katie Featherston[/movieperson], the star of the ultra-low-budget smash hit [movie id="369646"]"Paranormal Activity."[/movie] "I'm stoked!" she said of the nomination. "I have to say, years ago when we were filming the movie, I very secretly dreamt that either I or the movie would be nominated for an MTV Movie Award. But it was kind of embarrassing because those sorts of things seemed too far out, too big. So now, for it to be happening, it's awesome. I can't wait to go to the show."

"I have some stiff competition but I also have some awesome fans," she added. "The fans are the reason the movie was even released. Because it was so grassroots and people were so invested it getting it out. And people feel like they know us, and to some extent they really do. They're cool people who helped us out and I think will continue to help us."

[movie id="301495"]"Avatar"[/movie] co-star Stephen Lang was so pumped about his two nominations — for Best Villain and Best Fight — that he called us up from Bulgaria, where he's currently on location for a movie shoot. "I think these awards are totally cool, and to get two nominations is just a gas. 'Avatar' is such a populist film and these awards are something that everyone votes on," he said, going on to reference the film's somewhat disappointing performance at the Oscars. "The Academy is the Academy and they have their ways. If everyone who saw 'Avatar' casts a vote for 'Avatar,' we should do fine.

Don't miss the MTV Movie Awards, airing Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV!

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