Muse's Single From The 'Eclipse' Soundtrack -- Catch a Sneak Peek Here!

Take an exclusive look at the video for 'Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever).'

When it was announced last week that [artist id="1191782"]Muse[/artist] had been tapped to release the first single off the hotly anticipated "Eclipse" soundtrack, fans of Stephenie Meyers' vamp-o-riffic series rejoiced. Not only did Muse's music play an integral part in the creation of the "Twilight" books, but they've now managed to land a song on each of the three film soundtracks — there's something to be said for continuity, after all.

And now that they can actually hear a snippet of that first single — a track called "Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)" — and catch a glimpse of the rather dramatic video, well, we expect them to rejoice even harder. Perhaps even spontaneously combust.

The song itself doesn't stray very far from Muse's wheelhouse, which is to say that it sounds epic, spacey and positively majestic, full of crashing drums, doomy piano stabs and fleet-fingered guitars that spiral heavenward. Frontman Matthew Bellamy sings for the rafters, belting out couplets like "Love is forever/ And we'll die, we'll die together" — which seem to capture the forbidden love between Bella and Edward quite nicely, don't they?

The video itself is a fairly low-key affair, just the band rocking out on a wide-open stage, while a series of screens flash between colors dramatically, bathing them in various hues. Oh, and as is somewhat fitting for an epic track like this, there's gratuitous use of slow-motion, too, which only helps capture the sheer bombast of the performance.

"Neutron Star Collision" will hit radio on May 17, and the "Eclipse" soundtrack is due on June 8. But you probably already knew that by now — and, really, why are you still reading this? Check out an exclusive sneak peek of both the song and the video right here, right now!

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