'American Idol' Experts: Michael Lynche Done In By Song Selection

They'd predicted Casey James' ouster first, but our superfans weren't shocked to see Big Mike go.

In one of the toughest weeks to call yet, MTV News' go-to "American Idol" experts were thrown for a loop by Wednesday night's elimination. They both bet on the demise of cougar-bait cowboy Casey James, who toyed with self-parody with his ode to mother lovers, "Mrs. Robinson." But it was brawny Michael Lynche who got the boot.

On the one hand, MJ Santilli, webmaster of the "Idol" fan site MJsBigBlog.com, was not surprised Lynche was eliminated, only that he was still around.

"Actually, it's pretty amazing how long he stuck around, considering he was originally slated to go out in ninth place," she said, noting that the judges were not impressed with his cover of Michael Jackson's "Will You Be There," and, apparently, neither were viewers.

"Casey James' fanbase came through for him this week, and he may have caught the attention of some casual fans who appreciated his solid performance of 'Mrs. Robinson,' " she said, noting that it was better than Lee Dewyze's tepid "Kiss From a Rose."

"Casey's performance was better than the judges acknowledged — or barely acknowledged, as they were too busy teasing Kara and making jokes about the song's theme — a younger man seducing an older woman," Santilli said. "Who knows? Maybe the song resonated with more than a few women of a 'certain age.' "

For MTV News' "Idol" expert Jim Cantiello, Lynche's elimination was like a bad movie flashback. "It was fitting that Big Mike was the lowest vote-getter for the second time this season during a week that felt like déjà vu all over again," Cantiello said. "Movie night? Again? Jamie Foxx? Again? 'Falling Slowly' is a highlight? Again? Sure, I picked Casey to go home — again! — but I had underestimated the power of the Texas voting block (and perhaps the cougar fanbase he's rumored to have attracted). The biggest lesson is that the night's worst song selection (no offense to the late great King of Pop) resulted in the lowest number of votes."

Cantiello said Big Mike has been hanging by a thread ever since he was saved five weeks ago, and his time was coming. "I can't say I ever expected him to make it to the finale, particularly since he hadn't improved since he was first cut from the show," Cantiello said. "Now, I'm curious to see just how far Casey's fanbase can take him. Could we have a Texas-sized upset come results night May 26?"

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