'American Idol' In 60 Seconds: Songs From The Rerun Cinema

Jamie Foxx's mentoring and Big Mike's elimination gave us deja vu all over again.

The theme of this week's "American Idol" was supposed to be Songs From the Cinema, but the real theme was déjà vu. [artist id="7590"]Jamie Foxx[/artist] returned as a guest mentor and reused several of the same tactics he did last season — heavy flirtation and putting his face inches away from gravelly voiced crooners.

This year, however, Foxx brought custom T-shirts to the proceedings, doling out a shirt that said "ARTIST" to singers he thought earned it and "CONTESTANT" to Big Mike Lynche because he forgot the words during rehearsal. If a recording contract and six figures isn't enough of an incentive to win "Idol," Foxx was hoping oversize novelty shirts would do the trick.

Similar to last year's movie night, most of the songs were painfully uncool. Mid-'90s Bryan Adams, Kenny Loggins, "Free Willy" and Seal abounded, and similar to last year, the performance that garnered the most excitement in the room was a cover of "Falling Slowly" from "Once." (Ironic, since it's now been performed "Twice" in two years.)

In addition to solos, the top four paired off for duets. Crystal and Lee combined forces, much to the delight of the judges, who could focus all their energy on overpimping their faves in one fell swoop. And that left Big Mike Lynche and Casey James to collaborate, also to the delight of the judges, who were shocked that the duet didn't crash and burn.

On Wednesday night's results show the déjà vu theme continued, with Fantasia and Daughtry returning home to the Mother Ship. And season six mentor Bon Jovi performed their latest single, "Not 'Blaze of Glory' So Stop Requesting That."

In the end, Michael Lynche was sent packing his (probably) gigantic suitcase for the second time this season. Have we mentioned déjà vu?

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