Jay Sean Agrees With Usher's Comments: 'Longevity Trumps Everything'

Usher recently said British R&B stars like Sean and Taio Cruz 'have a lot to prove.'

With two monster singles in "Down" (featuring Lil Wayne) and "Do You Remember" (featuring Sean Paul and Lil Jon), British pop/R&B singer Jay Sean has delivered for Cash Money Records and his fans around the world.

Sean recently invited MTV News into the New York studio of the Orange Factory — the production team behind the majority of his breakthrough LP, All or Nothing — to let fans know that he's already moved on to his next album. In fact, he's roughly three-quarters done with it.

Still, as eager as Sean was to introduce us to the direction and tone of his forthcoming project, he was also aware of some comments lobbed at him by a fellow R&B star. A few weeks back, while on a promotional tour, Usher spoke to MTV UK's Wrap-Up urban blog and was asked what he thought of the Stateside success of British R&B artists like Sean and "Break Your Heart" singer Taio Cruz. "Sustaining longevity is all about time," Usher said. "They have a lot to prove."

While Sean could have responded aggressively to the comments, he went a different route.

"He's been in the game for, what, 17 years? I completely agree with what he says," Sean said. "Longevity trumps everything. America has only heard one album.

"I've only had four Billboard top 20's in America so far," Sean said with a smile. "But that's still new."

Some music fans aren't even aware of Sean's pre-All or Nothing career, which gained the attention of Ronald "Slim" Williams, co-CEO of Cash Money Records, and eventually led to his joining the CM roster.

"Outside of America, maybe Usher doesn't know that I've been touring and recording for seven years," Sean said. "This [All or Nothing follow-up] is my fourth studio album. I've had a couple of multiplatinum albums on my own record label. But he wouldn't know that if he didn't do his research or nobody told him."

With that said, it appears Sean agrees that a solid career in the music industry is defined by consistency and quality. And he eagerly awaits the opportunity to share his new material with an ever-growing American fanbase.

"I'm so new to America," he said. "I've got so much more to show them, so much more to give them."

What do you think of Sean's music? Could he match Usher's lengthy career? Let us know in the comments!