Joell Ortiz Says Slaughterhouse Haven't Signed With Eminem ... Yet

'It's going to happen,' MC says of group signing with Shady Records.

Rap's ferocious foursome Slaughterhouse are definitely down with Eminem and Shady Records — they just haven't signed the paperwork to make it official. One member of the group, Joell Ortiz, said hammering out the recording contract is taking a lot longer than they thought.

"We in the ninth inning of it, we just keep changing pitchers," Ortiz said recently while visiting the MTV offices. "I don't know, man — it's a lot of hold-ups. I thought on my end I was straight, but I wasn't. We're going back and forth with the people I'm working with. Joe [Budden] had some issues had some issues or whatever. The interest is still there. Everybody is excited about it, it's just a lot of people involved in this. Four artists, four separate managers, label situations — a lot of black and white that gotta get settled for it to happen, but verbally, we're on Shady! Eminem is excited, the whole group is excited. The world is excited. I can't even do a show without somebody asking that. Without them being, 'You ripped it, what's up with Em?' Everybody is waiting on this, so it's going to happen. It's going to happen."

Everyone has such faith in the deal that Slaughterhouse have been in the lab with their future CEO.

"We got in the studio with Em already," Joell offered. "We traded bars and stuff with all of us."

Slaughterhouse are hoping to knock out recording a second album — a follow-up to last year's self-titled debut LP — within the next few months, they just have to find time in between their touring and family time.

"In the last 12 months, we've been on five tours," Ortiz explained. "So we'll be all good when we're on the bus. 'I'm gonna shoot you an idea. I'm gonna shoot you something.' "

When the tours are done, though, it's a different tune.

"Dudes just wanna hug their families," the Brooklyn native smiled. "I just been locked in with my sons. Just, 'I'm here. Let me get an order of chicken wings and fries. No more of this Foreman Grill we have on the bus.' We been home doing the personal thing, then we look up and we're gone again. But like I said, we just touched base earlier. We're gonna have one of those conference calls with all the fellas and we're gonna figure out how to destroy the Net one more time and go in for the 2010 summer. The first album we did in six days. When people ask, 'What's up with the second album?' I say, 'It's gonna be two times better; it'll be done in 12 days.' Look out, it's gonna be right around the corner."

Ortiz is also focused on solo success. He has a single out right now, "Call Me," that's getting plenty of love on the radio, and his solo LP Free Agent is coming later this year.

"The album is crack," he promised. "It's fire. Production from Emile, Nottz, DJ Khalil, Premier, Frequency. Appearances by the LOX, Novel, I believe we got Nore on one of the joints. First of all, if y'all don't have The Brick: Bodega Chronicles, you have to listen to that to even understand who you're listening to. Second of all, if you liked The Brick, this is The Brick on steroids. I can't wait. You'll get it soon — definitely this year. This is the start of something beautiful with me. This album is gonna open up crazy doors."

Ortiz will be dropping a mixtape with DJs Green Lantern and Don Cannon called Yaowa sometime in June.

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