'Lost' 'Across The Sea' Episode Draws Mixed Reactions Across The Web

Some bloggers and Twitterers thought it 'stunk on ice,' while others felt it was a necessary chapter in the concluding series.

Did you watch "Lost" on Tuesday night? If not, stop reading. Seriously. Spoilers ahead.

OK. If you're still here, you either watched the revealing episode, "Across the Sea," or you don't care if major plot points are spoiled. To summarize, it was entirely focused on the origin of Jacob and his nameless friend, the Man in Black, on the mysterious Island at the center of the series.

It was revealed that the two are fraternal twins. Their pregnant mother washed up ashore and was killed by a native (Allison Janney) after delivering them. It was also revealed that the Island's protectors — first the mysterious native, later Jacob himself — are charged with keeping safe a cave housing a bright, golden light, which is described as "the warmest, brightest light you've ever seen or felt ... a little bit of this light is in every man." If the light goes out, POOF! So do we.

The episode garnered some mixed reactions around the Internet, with a variety of celebrities chiming in to give their impressions on Twitter. "Human Giant" creator Paul Scheer was reminded of a classic moment from TV's past. "Tonight's LOST reminded me of the 3rd to last 'Cosby Show.' Esp. with the light cave and that scene where Mrs Huxtable kills Theo." Everyone remembers that little chestnut, right?

"The Brothers Bloom" writer/director Rian Johnson seems a little confused about who the key players are. He tweeted, "Man, LOST is almost over and I still don't know whether to trust Sirrus or Achenar," referring to the classic PC game "Myst." (Suffice to say, Sirrus and Achenar are brothers who are at odds with one another.)

Elsewhere in the Twitterverse, "Puss in Boots" writer Brian Lynch summarized his dissatisfaction with the episode by lumping it into the same category as a notable film flop from Hollywood's past. "LOST: THE PHANTOM MENACE was really stirring," he wrote. "Tropic Thunder" actor David Pressman echoed the sentiment in his own tweet, but more succinctly: "Well that episode of 'LOST' stunk on ice."

MTV News' own "Lost" expert Josh Wigler shared the general feeling of dissatisfaction that reverberating around the blogosphere, as stated in both Tuesday night's recap and his morning after reassessment.

JOpinionated blog editor Jo Garfein felt similarly unexcited. "I enjoyed the reveal of certain island mysteries, but was not overly excited by the episode as a whole," she wrote. "Frankly, 'Across the Sea' would have been better timed and suited as a companion piece to 'Ab Aeterno.' With only a few hours left to wrap up the entire series and story, it was disruptive and odd to switch gears from three major, dramatic deaths to island mythology from one week to the next."

Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch recap was more forgiving. " 'Across the Sea' was an unconventional outing that deserves props for benching its stars to give us a story that felt absolutely necessary for establishing the Big Picture context for the final act that is at last upon us," writer Jeff Jensen writes. "Still, I can't say I loved it. I thought it was a collection of Grade A ideas in a Grade B package."

What did you think of this week's "Lost"? Do you feel it's leading to a satisfying series finale? Share your reviews in the comments.