Cory Gunz Explains Delay In Signing With Lil Wayne's Young Money Label

'I got nothing but respect for him. Free Wayne,' Gunz says of his new boss, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Well, it took a few years, but Cory Gunz has finally signed to Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment. We all thought years ago — in the wake of Gunz dropping lyrics for Weezy's Tha Carter III blockbuster "A Millie" (Gunz's bars never made the album as originally planned, but it did land on mixtapes) — that Cory was going to be down with the team. ... But there was the matter of the Bronx native's recording deal with Def Jam and then President Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter.

"[There were] miscommunication issues," Cory said recently in New York about why he's just now getting down with YM and CM. "Me and other ventures, a bunch of other paperwork. [Years ago] Wayne took time out of his schedule. He was promoting Tha Carter II and he took time out of his schedule to come from 'TRL' and '106 [and Park]' and come to Sony studio; Shot out to Just Blaze. He took that and remixed it. Wayne did that for free back then. It was a situation that was supposed to go down before, but I was in paperwork with Hov at the time. One thing led to another. I was freed up and he reached out by the powers that be and now I'm here [on his label]. History is about to be made. He just kept it 100. I got nothing but respect for him. Free Wayne."

"Shout out to Wayne," he added. "Shout out to the whole Young Money family. Shout out to Mack Maine. Everybody. It's definitely official. Young Money/ Cash Money. Shout out to Wayne for giving me a shot. He kept it real. All I'mma say, that this is it. This is what it is. Everybody just better get ready."

Cory has been recording a bunch of material for an album that he had planned to title God Forgives, I Don't. That LP is now going to be an EP and will be preceded by a gaggle of mixtapes. Cory's Young Money debut LP still has no title, but Weezy will steer the ship once he gets home from prison later this year.

"Definitely. Wayne is gonna executive-produce the album," he explained. "I trust his insight. He's going to be overseeing everything. I'm gonna keep doing the things I been doing. I think that's what's gotten me noticed. I'mma just keep my grind moving. Whatever ventures I can do, I'm bringing my family through. My whole team is gonna eat. I'm just telling everybody to get ready."

Cory will have no problem getting acclimated into his new family. He has relationships with quite of few of his teammates already.

"I haven't met Nicki [Minaj] yet," Gunz said. "Me and [Drake] met a while back when they was doing the I Am Music Tour in Arizona. I went over there with Shaquille, and Drake shouted me out [onstage]. It was something he didn't have to do. The fact he did that way before [I was on Young Money], I was humbled by that. As far as Jae Millz, me and Millz — had a relationship before all of this. I went on my first road tour with Millz. I talk to Chuckee and Twist a lot. Mack, of course, I talk to. Gudda is family, Short [Dawg]. Shout out to T-Streets too."

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