Freddie Gibbs' 'Ghetto' Video Shows The 'Real' Gary, Indiana

'It was just me interacting with the people in my city,' Gibbs said of new video.

By now, Freddie Gibbs is very familiar with the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. He's in Los Angeles quite often to conduct business. But when it came to showing his hometown of Gary, Indiana, to the world in his new video for "The Ghetto," which premiered on Monday, the lanky newcomer says gloss was not an option.

"The making of the video was easy, like a documentary or something," Freddie told MTV News Tuesday (May 11). "It was just me interacting with the people in my city. A lot of people didn't really know what Gary looked like. They just knew the Jacksons were from there. People are glad that I came with a video showing real sh-- and not some made-up party scene or a car show. I gave 'em what's true to me."

Back in January, Gibbs described the lack of opportunities in Gary, especially for an aspiring rapper. He said he felt he could open doors for others with the launch of his career.

"A lot of people in Gary work hard to try and get out," he said. "It's a depressed city, a depressed economy. It's still my home. I still live there. I got family, friends there. I feel like me putting this street music out, it's gonna shed some light on the bad parts so maybe they can be fixed. Plus, it's no music scene in Gary — we don't even have our own radio situation. Everything we got is up under Chicago. I gotta go and create the scene. Being the first dude to come out the city in the rap game is a lot of pressure. For one, people hear Gary, Indiana, and think I'm some hick from the farm. But I'm from the bricks. This is the ghetto. This ain't no cornfield."

Gibbs' video was directed by Brandon "n2ition" Riley. "The Ghetto" is off of the new mixtape Str8 Killa No Filla, which drops in mid-June.