Drake's 'Find Your Love' Video: What Are The Jamaican Characters Saying?

We decipher what's going on in the Young Money MC's latest clip.

Lost in translation? During Drake's adventure in the clip for "Find Your Love," the rapper was warned not to chase the top shotta's girl — but he still ran after leading lady Maliah Michel. But what exactly was the sage advice he turned down? The thick accents in the video make it difficult to tell — but MTV News got the lowdown.

"Consciously speaking, that girl there is trouble," the elder Jamaican man tells Drake as the video opens. "That girl is going to make you get yourself in serious trouble."

Drake ignores the words and the man gets a bit more serious with his warning.

"Hey, skipper, I'm telling you — see if you look at that country side there, at Jamaica," he says. "That man there named Puffy is a bad man — a bad man. You don't want to get involved or you'll be dead. Take me serious, that man is a bad man, mad man — that man kills people. You just come here; you don't really know it. You don't want to get involved with him."

The man then assures Drake he doesn't want to get involved in a world like that and that he should focus on his album and his music. However, Drake still refuses to listen and ventures back into into town to find his love interest. The video then rewinds back to when Drake and Michel first encounter each other; Mavado, who plays the ganglord, has men on lookout who spot the rapper talking to Michel, his woman.

The rude boys watch Drake and their boss' girl leave the party for a romantic liaison on the beach. After the pair take off, one of Mavado's goons races via motorcycle to tell his boss about what happened. They talk about the "brown boy" who has been in town causing trouble.

"Get my dog them," Mavado tells his underling. "Tell them we are going on the road."

As Drake arrives at the house Michel is located in "Gully Side," Mavado and his men creep up behind him and capture the rapper. The final scene features Drake bound by rope as Mavado coldly informs him he's crossed the line.

"Aight, so you want come to Jamaica and look at my woman? You hear me. Here. Done. Do it," he says as he hands the gun over to Michel to finish Drake. "Anything you want that's in Jamaica belongs to the gully cat."

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