3OH!3 Celebrate 'Tonsil Hockey' In 'My First Kiss' Video

'I was a chubby kid with braces and I'm sure I had Cheetos all over my fingers,' Sean Foreman recalls of his first lip-lock.

There was a time, long before the hit singles and the rather fervent female fanbase, when 3OH!3's Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman had to go to great lengths to get kissed. Like, really great lengths.

"My first kiss was back [in] the summer of 1998," Foreman told MTV News. "I was up in a cabin in Colorado, with a bunch of friends, and we were playing Truth or Dare, and some poor girl was dared to kiss me," he continued. "And she definitely didn't want to because I was a chubby kid with braces and I'm sure I had Cheetos all over my fingers. I think she might have declined at first, but she was forced, because it was Truth or Dare, and she ended up kissing me, and it made me very happy. I think she would've preferred to eat an earthworm or something."

As for Motte, well, he's never been kissed, which is why it's probably a good thing 3OH!3 just filmed the video for "My First Kiss," the official lead single off their upcoming Streets of Gold album.

"My first kiss, against all my moral values, was today," Motte laughed. "Because I'm not married, so I don't believe in kissing before marriage, but I had to break that for the video today. We just did my first kiss. It was thrilling."

The duo shot the clip earlier this week in New York and, as the title implies, the video features a whole lot of kissing — and not much else.

"The song is about a girl you really like, and the story line of going through your first kiss with a girl to exploring further parts of the relationship," Foreman explained. "[And] the video is a play on kissing in general, and lips, and getting close up to a bunch of lips, and people coming out of mouths and just, like, really cool transitions."

"A lot of lips. Some lip-locking, some tonsil hockey," Motte added. "Mono exchanging."

Sounds gross. The song, of course, is a collaboration with Ke$ha, and since we didn't spot her on-set, we assume she doesn't actually appear in the "Kiss" video. But the guys in 3OH!3 weren't about to deny or confirm. After all, they're not ones to kiss and tell.

They stayed firmly on topic: "I want to talk about kissing ... that's the reason we're here today," Foreman said. "We flew in some of the best lips in the world for this."

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