Courtney Love Gives Frances Bean Boyfriend Advice Via Twitter

Hole frontwoman reaches out to estranged daughter, 140 characters at a time.

Early Monday morning, [artist id="1165312"]Courtney Love[/artist] had what she referred to as a "Twitter relapse," and, boy, was it a doozy.

While most of the world was asleep, the Hole frontwoman — who, in recent weeks, has embarked on a rather thorough career rehabilitation plan — launched an all-out Twit-missive toward her estranged daughter, Frances Bean, of whom she lost legal guardianship late last year. Love tweeted Frances nearly 40 times over the course of an hour.

In the tweets, Love gives her daughter a whole lot of relationship advice ("don't have an assistant as a boyfriend"), begs her to "clear my name," apologizes for not marrying a man who may very well be Edward Norton, says she misses spending time with her and concludes by saying she's going to go chant (and delete "half" of the messages).

The impetus behind the outburst was apparently a photo Love saw of Frances holding hands with her boyfriend backstage at last month's Coachella festival.

"Bean, I saw you at Coachella with [her boyfriend, who may be named Isaiah] in a pic. He looks sweet and like your dad actually," Love wrote. "I hope he takes care of you and you look beautiful, even though you have an angry furrow. ... I think that's called your 'lawyer lie' furrow."

And from there, Love started picking up steam, writing that she "won't tolerate" being named on "worst mothers lists" and that she plans on fighting for Frances, even if it means going to court.

"The last thing I look forward to in this life is any trial, but I'm a good mother and I won't allow you to believe such nonsense, so suit up," she wrote. "I love you, sorry to take to the world wide Ethernet, but I love you and I don't know how to tell you without telling one of the pack, madly."

After that, she went back to weighing in on Frances' relationship with her boyfriend, warning that if he treats her wrong, "I'll get him."

"There's plenty of fish in the sea lining up for both of us, who will treat us like princesses and not 2nd class citizens, or damaged goods," she wrote. "I know you have that in you, if he's not treating you like the goddess you are, baby, get the hell out, do not settle. Give them a little time, and if they don't man up, then woman out. That's my advice to you. And don't date a slave, or an assistant, that's no fun."

Love then apologized to Frances "for not marrying E." In the late '90s, she dated actor Edward Norton and was reportedly engaged to him, so that may be the man to whom she's referring. Then she rattled off a list of do's and don'ts for making a relationship work, including: "Make sure you laugh a lot, and try to have a spiritual connection," "Don't get him presents and don't vie for him, don't over-text," and "don't take any sh-- from that boy. ... If he's not a prince and a MAN, he doesn't deserve you, period."

Love concluded by writing that she "prays" for Frances every day, and that she "miss[es] [her] more than anyone has ever missed anyone." She apologized for using Twitter to reach out to her daughter and said that she did so because "the boy stuff you need to hear only from me. ... Wendy [Kurt Cobain's mother, and Frances' court-appointed guardian is too boy crazy."

A spokesperson for Love had no comment about the incident when contacted by MTV News.

Does Courtney actually have some good points in her messages to Frances Bean? What would you do if your mother tweeted you advice this way? Sound off in the comments.