Drake Messes With Wrong Girl In 'Find Your Love' Video

Rapper is chased down by a gang after pursuing the boss' lady.

You don't mess with the boss' girl. It's an age-old adage that [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] is apparently still learning in his new video, "Find Your Love," which premiered Tuesday (May 11) on MTV.com.

In the clip, directed by Anthony Mandler (who's worked with Jay-Z, John Mayer and Mary J. Blige), an ominous message runs across the bottom of the screen foreshadowing the action to come, as an elderly man advises Drake to get out of town: "The worst thing about crossing a line is when you don't know you already have. ..."

Drake fires back, ignoring the advice, as images of his leading lady Maliah Michel flash before his eyes: "It's just hard for me to up and leave like that.

"I don't understand how you can own somebody," he continues. "If I leave and I don't see her, I feel like I really have a regret, I'm gonna go home and think what if?"

From there, things rewind to Drake in a dancehall club in the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Standing in the VIP area with scantily clad females gyrating around him, the Toronto MC ignores his present company when he spots Michel, who's dancing suggestively herself with dancehall superstar Mavado, who plays the head gangster in the clip. Drake and Michel's eyes lock in a gaze, however, and soon he's making his move on the video vixen.

In the next scene, at a beach party, Drake approaches Michel as members of Mavado's gang idle nearby and watch the interaction. The crooning rapper then kisses her on the hand and she pulls him in closer with a welcoming smile. As Drake and Michel leave the party to walk to the beach, the gang members ride out on their motorcycles to relay to the boss what's going on with his lady.

Mavado is informed about the "brown boy" who's been causing trouble and orders action. "Do it now," he tells his underling.

Back in the present, an unsuspecting Drake is walking through "Gully" town, searching for his lover. Memories of his rendezvous with her play back in his mind, from their playful flirtation on the beach to the sizzling bedroom scene. When Drake arrives at the compound where Michel is located, he peers over the gate to call for her right when Mavado and his rude boys descend behind him.

Guns are drawn and Drake is captured by the goons. The camera zooms in toward the house, where Michel appears to have a look of consternation on her face. The Young Money rookie is then tied up and placed in a chair in a basement, surrounded by members of Mavado's gang.

A weary but unharmed Drake quietly sits as Mavado chastises him for coming to Jamaica and thinking he could take his woman. Then, much to Drake's surprise, his would-be love, sitting on Mavado's lap, coldly rises to her feet, takes the gun placed on the gangster's lap and walks slowly toward her fling.

Clarity washes over Drake as he realizes he was set up from the beginning. Michel makes her way behind Drake, raises the gun, and then three gunshots ring out in synch with the words "Find Your Love" flashing across the screen.

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