Flavor Flav, Meat Loaf Team Up For 'WWE Raw'

Rapper and rocker appeared on show Monday with Randy Orton and R-Truth, the rapping wrestler.

Over its long history, professional wrestling has always had a deep connection to the world of music. [artist id="10985"]Cyndi Lauper[/artist] helped get the WWE on MTV, Alice Cooper appeared in the corner of Jake "The Snake" Roberts at WrestleMania III, and the likes of Snoop Dogg and Jewel have served as recent guest hosts on the organization's flagship Monday night program "Raw." And a very odd tag team came together Monday night to share hosting duties, as hip-hop star and reality TV icon Flavor Flav co-hosted the show, live from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, with epic rocker [artist id="12292"]Meat Loaf[/artist].

Following an opening promo from WWE star Randy Orton, Meat Loaf came out near the top of the show to remind the wrestler (and the viewing audience) that he has a new album out today called Hang Cool Teddy Bear and wanted one of his new tunes to be Orton's new entrance music. He sang a few bars a cappella, but for his trouble, Meat received an RKO (a sort of jumping neck-breaker that Orton uses as his finishing move) and spent the remainder of the segment unconscious (or at least giving the illusion that he was — it is wrestling, after all).

Flav had a slightly better night. He was introduced a few segments later at the side of R-Truth, the rapping wrestler. Truth and Flav traded catchphrases (the former's being "What's up?" while the latter's was, of course, "Yeah boy!"). Flav stayed in Truth's corner while he performed his match with William Regal and unfortunately provided him little support when he was attacked mid-match by the Colon Brothers.

Later, Flav had a backstage conversation with wrestlers Santino Marella (a comedic Italian stereotype) and Vladimir Kozlov (an angry Russian stereotype). Santino tried to get Flav and Kozlov to get together as a tag team, to which Kozlov wasn't receptive. They were interrupted by William Regal, who tried to show off his rapping skills by attempting to rhyme about Parliament.

Sadly, Meat and Flav never had any sort of overlapping segments, which would have made for delightfully strange television. The surreality continues next week on "Raw" when astronaut, former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant and MTV icon Buzz Aldrin will take the microphone and host the show live from Toronto.