Gudda Gudda Recalls Getting 'Willy Wonka' From Lil Wayne

'Right before [Weezy] went to jail, he was like, 'Man, you can have that,' ' Young Money member tells Mixtape Daily.

Breaking Through: Gudda Gudda

Young Money's Gudda Gudda has a new video on the way for "Willy Wonka," but he has no idea what the clip will look like.

"We shot a green-screen video," Gudda told Mixtape Daily about the production, which was shot before co-star Lil Wayne went to prison. "It was almost like how [Young Money's] 'Roger That' [video] was. I don't know what they're doing to it. I'm kinda lost.

"It wasn't my video at first," Gudda continued. "All I know is that we shot green screen. I don't know if I'mma need to shoot more scenes on it. I didn't see the final cut. If I don't like the way it is, I'm gonna pay for somebody to shoot more scenes for me and make it right."

"Willy Wonka" was originally slated to be on Weezy's upcoming Tha Carter IV, but the YM founder passed it on to his good friend.

"[DJ] Ill Will sent me the beat," Gudda recalled. "He didn't do nothing on the night I played it for him. I laid my verse on it that night. He came back the next day, the engineer pulled it up like, 'Look what Gudda did to the beat.' By the time I came back to the studio, [Wayne] had already laid his verse on it. The song was done.

"I didn't know what he was using it for. Ill Will sent it to me for my mixtape. I already figured Wayne might want it. I was like, 'If he wants it for his album, we gotta give it to him.' So basically, he wanted it at first. We shot the video for it. And right before [Weezy] went to jail, he was like, 'Man, you can have that sh--. Go 'head, man, get you. Put that sh-- out and go stupid with it. Take the song, take everything.' He gave me all that sh-- right before he went to jail."

Gudda said he communicates with Wayne frequently. "I talk to him a few times a week," Gudda said. "He's doing real good, on some real sh--. He's in there being positive, reading all his fan mail. He's trying to stay busy. He's got a job in there. He's good."

Weezy also appears on Gudda's Back to Guddaville mixtape, dropping soon. The New Orleans MC opened up about the warm reception for his last street album. "When I put that Guddaville out [a few months ago], I ain't never get a response like that since I been doing music," he said. "It felt good, I was real humble. It makes wanna go in the studio ASAP. I started working on Back to Guddaville. I didn't wanna leave that space.

"This one is all originals," he added. "I have nothing on nobody else's track. All of it is originals. Of course, y'all gonna hear the 'Willy Wonka' joint with me and Wayne [and] 'Small Thing to a Giant' with me and Wayne. I got a joint called 'Polo'; it's crazy. I got a joint called 'Lock My CEO Up' featuring Waka Flocka [Flame]. That's gonna be one of the hardest songs this year. I promise. I put things about Wayne in my verse. Waka put things about Gucci [Mane] in his verse."

As a bonus for the song, Gudda said he'll feature the recording of an actual phone conversation between himself and Wayne from Rikers Island, where he's been since April, as well as a phone call that captures Gucci calling Waka from prison. Jay Rock, Juelz Santana and various members of the Young Money squad will also cameo on the new mixtape. Gudda said he's excited about his sequel and grateful about the momentum that the original Guddaville tape has sparked for him. He performs material from the tape at shows, several times a week.

"It feels good," Gudda said of his growing fanbase. "I been patient for a long time. People know I been with Wayne for a minute. Me and him been through a lot. It feels good to know that I been patient and I'm getting my just due. I ain't all the way there yet, but I'm making some money. I'm making a lot more money than other n---as. [Fans] hit me and tell me they ... sorry. They say, 'I'm sorry my n---a. I ain't know you was that nice. I take it back.' "

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