Christina Aguilera Was 'In Control' Of 'Not Myself Tonight' Video

'I'm a very sexual person. It's important to me that that always comes across,' she says.

Christina Aguilera has veered toward the provocative when it comes to her image. Whether dolled up like a prostitute in 2001's group track "Lady Marmalade" or clad in chaps in the boxing ring for her "Dirrty" video, Aguilera certainly isn't afraid of sexy. So when fans got a glimpse of the very, very sexy Christina in "Not Myself Tonight," they weren't surprised to see the singer dressed up in S&M gear, getting it on with ladies and gentlemen alike.

But Aguilera didn't make the racy clip for attention, she insisted. The video was meant to reflect the song, which is about losing yourself and doing things you normally wouldn't.

"It wasn't a prove-a-point type of song for me. It was an ultimate need-to-release song for me," she told MTV News, adding that being a mom to son Max doesn't mean she can't be sexy.

"What I do artistically in expressing myself has nothing to do with being a mother," she said. "Those are two very different hats for me, and my little son, he will grow up in a household that is very artistic. That will be very much a part of his life, and appreciating a woman's beauty and the fact that a woman is allowed to express herself in a sensual way, a sexual way, and not have to be ashamed of it."

The singer was quick to make it clear that no matter how sensual the visuals appear, she's always in the driver's seat. "I make sure every time I express myself in that way, it's in a very controlled environment, that I am in control of the environment," she said. "And I'm very comfortable. It's such an important message to me, because I feel there are so many rules and regulations, especially for women," Aguilera continued.

"Men are sort of allowed to be whatever they're wanting to be. You're allowed to be these free beings, and I feel that women should have the same rights. I'm a very sexual person. It's very important to me that that always comes across [and to] always stay inspired by the non-mainstream things."

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