Drake Says He's 'Trying To Become A Better Rapper'

'I definitely don't feel that I'm the best I can be,' MC tells XXL.

Last year, Drake topped a slew of veteran MCs to earn the #3 slot on MTV News' Hottest MCs in the Game list.

But in an interview with


target="_blank">XXL, the Toronto lyricist said that despite the accolades thrown his way he's still actually "trying to become a better rapper."

The So Far Gone star — known for his blend of singing and rapping — explained that his ultimate goal is to outdo his previous work more than to compare himself to his peers.

"As far as rappers? Um ... I'm really still trying to become a better rapper, you know? And I still have idols," Drake said. "I still have people I look up to. I definitely don't feel that I'm the best I can be nor am I the best rapper. Like I said, I just love making the music, and I'm less concerned about where I stand in the rankings and more about just where I stand with myself, like am I getting better? You know, am I the best I can be?

"I really don't care about like compared to Hov or compared to Wayne," he continued. "That's another man. I've never been really worried about what anybody else is doing. I just use it as reference points and as influence and inspiration, but I don't really bother myself with thinking who's the best. 'Cause that doesn't really matter. It's just who's got the songs that move people at the time. Like if you've got the title of being the best rapper but you don't have the hottest songs out? To me, that's what's important is just like putting out consistently good product."

Although Drake's recent single, "Find Your Love," is more R&B-tinged than hip-hop flavored, the rapper said he still wants to be considered one of the best MCs when his June

15 debut, Thank Me Later, drops.

"I definitely want to be great," he said. "You know, I'm not saying I don't care. I obviously care. I love being mentioned in a class of people that are incredible, but I mean, you can focus on that sh-- and drive yourself crazy. ... In different genres it's way different. I think rap is probably the most competitive genre."

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