Crystal Bowersox Addresses 'American Idol' Quitting Rumors

'It's been blown out of proportion,' the 'American Idol' front-runner says at a news conference.

LOS ANGELES — Crystal Bowersox, the last lady standing on "American Idol," wants to put an end to the reports that she almost quit the hit show.

After all the rumors, tweets and general confusion regarding a conversation she had with host Ryan Seacrest back in April, Bowersox is setting the record straight — and at the scene where all the rumors began, no less. At a news conference on the "American Idol" soundstage Friday afternoon (May 7), Bowersox turned to the media to lay the rumors to rest.

"It's been blown out of proportion," Bowersox said, sitting beside her fellow finalists: Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze and Casey James. "It was a brief conversation I had with Ryan after a show. I missed my kid. I just missed my son. I never had any intention to quit. I was not angry at Ryan. It was just a brief conversation. He gave me great advice — and that was it."

On April 18, soon after reports surfaced that Seacrest had saved Bowersox from quitting "Idol," she tweeted about how the incident had been warped: "Media is a funny thing. Stretched and skewed and far from the truth."

"I'm not really sure how it got out," Bowersox continued at the news conference. "It was just a conversation between him and I. It got out, and people were like, 'Oh, she stormed out the back door, she threw a fit, she's angry at Ryan.' [It was] none of that. It was a very civil, helpful conversation."

Her conversation with Seacrest did help her affirm why she is still a contender. Bowersox said she is doing this to make her young son, who she refers to as her "little man," proud. "I hope he'll grow up and look back and be proud to know that his mom did everything she possibly could to make his life better."

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