Miley Cyrus Says Fans Have 'More To Look Forward To'

Singer/actress has the last season of 'Hannah Montana,' a new movie and more music on the horizon.

While [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus'[/artist] new album, Can't Be Tamed, doesn't drop until June 22, the singer/actress is still looking ahead to what's next.

"I think my fans will be excited to know they've got more to look forward to," said Cyrus, who just released a clip for the album's title track. "It's not just gonna be [this]. We've got another season of the show ['Hannah Montana'], which I think people are excited about that. I'm working on a movie this summer."

Miley recently announced plans to take a break from music and focus on her acting career, but she isn't planning to abandon it altogether. "I think [my fans have] a lot to look forward to in music as well," she teased.

For right now, Miley fans can enjoy her spicy new song and video, which she says got full approval from her parents.

"My mom was on set," she said of the edgy video. "And my dad loves it, because I think my dad was thinking I was a little crazy as I was writing it. When you see it, they were so proud of the treatment I came up with."

Plus, she thinks the video is pretty spot-on to who she is as a person. "I think it definitely shows a change of what people remember me as, but it's not trying to not be me," Cyrus said. "I didn't want to be just a character. I wanted to be myself and just in a bird-like form in the way I dressed."

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