Christina Aguilera Made 'Magic' With Hype Williams For 'Not Myself Tonight'

'I think it's really iconic and classic,' Aguilera says of her new video.

[artist id="509026"]Christina Aguilera[/artist] burst back on the scene last week with her incredibly sexy, over-the-top "Not Myself Tonight" video. The Bionic singer said that while the clip's sensuality — which includes simulated sex and girly make-out sessions — is uniquely Aguilera, legendary video director Hype Williams brought his own flavor to the mix.

"We never even crossed paths, never met, anything," she told MTV News about finally working with Hype, who recently shot the Lady Gaga/ Beyoncé clip for "Video Phone." "And someone with that much of a catalog under his belt and success as a video maker, he's like a legend. So again entering into the collaborating factor, I didn't know what to expect ... and he's probably thinking the same about me. And when we walked away from working with each other, it was just a love connection."

Their love, she said, led to some unbelievable work. Aguilera even embraced some new looks for the clip, including bondage gear. "I wanted to maintain and keep consistent with the look of the album packaging and book," she said. "And I really wanted to keep all that in line, and so he really paid attention, and I think it's really iconic and classic."

Aguilera thinks the video will be remembered for decades to come. "We totally made magic together on a creative level," she said. "It was absolutely amazing. He really got in and listened to where my music was at."

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