Sean Kingston Breaks Down 'Eenie Meenie' Video, Frame By Frame

'It had to be a girl that fit the both of us,' singer tells MTV News of sharing a leading lady with Justin Bieber.

[artist id="2542027"]Sean Kingston[/artist] and [artist id="3187077"]Justin Bieber[/artist] are used to things going their way when it comes to the ladies.

But in Kingston's new video for "Eenie Meenie," the singer said he and Bieber suffered through a few mishaps before wrapping production on the clip. And the leading lady wasn't the only one giving them trouble that day, as Kingston told MTV News. The "Beautiful Girls" singer sat down with us and gave us the inside scoop on the video, frame by frame.

"We shot the video in Hollywood," Kingston said of the clip, as he watched the opening shot of the famous Hollywood Hills. "I remember that car I just pulled up in, somebody smashed into the front of it. They reversed into the back of the car — it was crazy."

That fender bender would be only the first of many miscues.

"That elevator Justin came out of got stuck a couple times," Kingston said.

Once the Bieb finally got out, though, things kicked into gear. In the video, Kingston and Bieber are unknowingly vying for the affection of the same girl at a house party. In one scene, she's talking to Kingston, but when Bieber arrives, she's seen talking to him in the next frame; she continues bouncing between the two stars.

"I picked the main girl, basically, because Justin is 16 and I'm 20 years old, so it had to be a girl that fit the both of us, because in the video and song, she's trying to play the both of us," Kingston explained of the leading lady's yo-yo'ing affection. "So there had to be a contrast. She fit it perfectly."

Lil Romeo, rapper Master P's son, makes a cameo, upping the scream factor for the teen set. But Romeo and Kingston's scene left the two laughing.

"That part was funny," Kingston said. "[Romeo] was cracking up, 'cause he asked me, 'What do you want me to do?'

"There was nothing on that screen," he continued, pointing to the cell phone he and Romeo are seen watching. A laughing Kingston said Romeo was asking, "What do you want me to press?"

In the end, Kingston and Bieber finally discover their would-be girlfriend has been playing both sides. Each goes on to find another girl to go gaga over. According to Kingston, however, Bieber might have been better off sticking with his first choice, despite her cheating ways.

"I'm gonna show you a crazy part right now: The girl that Justin is now gonna leave with, he hated her because of the fact that she couldn't dance at all," Kingston said, laughing. "I remember him telling the director to stop the whole video because she was offbeat. He was mad. Everybody was laughing."

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