Lil Wayne Posts Full Mother's Day Tribute From Prison

Rapper thanks his mom and the mothers of his children in open letter.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] posted a letter to his mother and the mothers of his four children online Friday (May 7), after a preview appeared earlier in the week, writing that the bond between matriarch and offspring is "the most beautiful thing God created."

The Mother's Day tribute, titled "A Mother's Worth," was written for the rapper's fan site,, which he launched last month to keep his followers up to date on his life as he serves his one-year prison sentence.

"It's not many words in the world more powerful than 'mother,' " Wayne wrote in the third post he's issued since his incarceration began. "Those six letters can bring joy, just like they bring pain."

The rapper explained that for him Mother's Day is every day, yet he understands the significance of having a designated holiday.

"To all the mothers that read this letter, I hope this day allows you to feel the love and respect you so rightfully deserve," he said. "You are the role models, not me."

Later in the letter, the rapper's thoughts became more personal as he touched on the relationships with the women who have given birth to his children, including actress Lauren London; singer Nivea; his ex-wife, reality-TV star Toya Carter; and a college student Wayne was previously dating.

In a time period spanning just over 12 months, from late 2008 to the end of 2009, Wayne had three children born to him, while his daughter Reginae was born when he was just 15. The Cash Money Records star maintains a cordial relationship with each of his children's mothers and wrote of his appreciation for them.

"To the mothers of my beautiful children, there remains nothing but love, adoration and respect coming from my heart," he said. "Even with the mistakes I've made in my life, you give me reason to smile in a place where they attempt to break your spirit each day the sun rises. I love my babies with all my heart. And the fact you brought them into this world only gives me more and more motivation to write these words."

To his own mother, Cita Carter, Weezy opened up about his absence and his sorrow for not being able to spend time with her on the holiday.

"You are my heart and you are my soul," he wrote. "Please don't ever forget that. We've been through everything one could possibly imagine together. With each obstacle that has come our way, you have handled it with the grace and dignity I can only hope to mimic. Even writing this, it's tough to come to grips with the fact I cannot spend this special day with you. Like you always preached, a man must accept his own actions — good and bad — and learn from them. And that's what I'm doing. Mom, I love you more than you will ever know."

Like his last letter, Wayne ended his message by thanking several of his fans by name for writing to him and sharing their support.

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