Lady Gaga Fans Petition 'American Idol' To Air Unedited 'Alejandro' Performance

Fans demand re-airing or apology for messing with Gaga's 'art.'

One day after "American Idol" editors aired Lady Gaga's performance of "Alejandro" with nearly two minutes snipped out of it, neither Gaga herself, nor her legion of Little Monsters, seemed to be willing to forgive or forget.

On Thursday, Gaga took to her Twitter account to address the issue, writing, "Fox POORLY + AMATEURLY edited + cut my performance/musical arrangement on Idol," and posting a link to what she called the "real version."

That version — which blogger Perez Hilton proudly displayed on his Web site — features an extended version of "Bad Romance" in the intro, a few dance moves that "Idol" possibly deemed too hot for broadcast and extra instrumentation in the breakdown of "Alejandro." A few hours after Gaga posted her message, Hilton responded and included a link to a fan-sponsored petition, which urged "Idol" producers to re-air the unedited version of her performance ... or at least to apologize to Gaga for making the cuts.

The petition — started by the "Little Monsters of the World" — states that Gaga's performance of "Alejandro" was art, and editing it was an act on par with slashing up a Picasso.

"Gaga gives performance art to the Pop World — emphasis on the word 'art,' " the petition reads. "Would you take a $250,000 painting, cut it in pieces, and put it together to better fit your wall? No. Thus, you should not take the art of this artist and do the same."

The petition goes on to echo Gaga's complaint about the "amateurly" made cuts. "They cropped out key transitions and moments of the piece (in about four spots total), leaving only an imitation of the original creation," it says. "They owe credit to Lady Gaga's appearance. Thus, they owe her the right to showing the world the art piece she worked very hard on."

The organizers of the petition plan to collect 10,000 signatures from Gaga fans, which they hope will persuade "Idol" producers to re-air the full "Alejandro" performance. Or, at the very least, apologize to her. So far, more than 2,900 Little Monsters have signed on.

MTV News' e-mails to a spokesperson for 19 Entertainment — the company that produces "American Idol" — about the "Alejandro" performance were not responded to by press time.