Miley Cyrus Says ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ Is Unlike ‘Any Other Music Video’

'I see videos all the time that I'm just like, 'Yeah, it's a great video, but I've seen it before,' ' she tells MTV News.

Some may look at Miley Cyrus’ new “Can’t Be Tamed” video and be reminded of a time when Britney Spears left her teenage, bubblegum image behind in favor of a sexier, more grown-up identity.

Seeing Cyrus dance around a museum breaking windows, getting cozy with her dancers and wearing a barely there bird costume lets her fans know she’s serious about making the transition to adulthood. But Cyrus insisted that she wasn’t following some sort of adolescent-pop-star handbook when making the video — the ideas were all her own.

“I made a big point to everyone that I didn’t want anyone else to watch a music video and show me and say, ‘This is what I think we should do,’ ” she told MTV News of the clip for her Can’t Be Tamed title track. “I don’t think it looks like any other music video. I think if we would have looked at another music video or listened to another song or looked at a different artist, it could have easily [been influenced].”

Cyrus said she didn’t want her video to be a cookie-cutter one, like so many she sees on a daily basis, no matter how good the quality. “I see videos all the time that I’m just like, ‘Yeah, it’s a great video, but I’ve seen it before,’ ” she said.

Can’t Be Tamed is due June 22.

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