Taylor Momsen Clarifies Kurt Cobain Quote: 'You Look Up To Your Idols'

'I'm not trying to be Courtney Love,' 'Gossip Girl' actress says.

Last year, Courtney Love went after Taylor Momsen on Twitter, accusing the actress/ burgeoning rocker of swiping her look, "deeply disturb[ing]" her, and trying to pass off Love's name for credibility's sake.

"I don't watch TV or read teen mags and gossip rags, so I wouldn't know," Love snarled (in 140 characters or less). "Do not still 'like my music' please."

Love was referencing an interview Momsen had given to MTV News earlier in 2009, in which she claimed that Hole was a major influence on the music she was making with her band, the Pretty Reckless.

The feud between the two didn't last for long and all seemed to be forgotten, until Momsen spoke to Entertainment Weekly last month, and, when asked about the frequent comparisons to Love, she proclaimed, "I don't wanna be Courtney Love — I wanna be Kurt Cobain. ... I look at Nirvana. I don't look at Hole."

And suddenly everything started up again. Momsen's quote spread like wildfire around the Internet, with most interpreting it as a pretty huge slap in Love's face, if not hubris. So, when MTV News spoke to Momsen and her Reckless bandmates on Saturday at the Bamboozle festival, we asked her if she cared to explain what she meant by the comment — or at least try to pull herself out of the hole (no pun intended) she'd dug.

"Everything is taken out of context," Momsen said. "Everyone compares me to Courtney Love. Courtney Love is great, sure, but in all honesty, I'm not trying to be Courtney Love. I would rather be Kurt Cobain, [because] I wrote the record. I'm not either [of them]. I'm saying I would like to be John Lennon, I would like to be Liam Gallagher, I would like to be Robert Plant ... should I keep going? You look up to your idols."

And Momsen didn't stop there, either. Seems she's not trying to back down from her comments to EW, not by a long shot. And she's not apologetic about any of it.

"I grew up listening to the Nirvana records, not the Hole records," she said. "And I'm sorry we both have blonde hair and play rock music. That's it."

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