'American Idol' Fans Predict This Year's Winner

MTV News hits the streets of New York and finds overwhelming support for Crystal Bowersox.

With 17-year-old singer Aaron Kelly out of the running, the ninth season of "American Idol" finally enters the homestretch. Voters have only four candidates to root for: shaggy-haired guitarist Casey James, 27; the irrepressible Crystal Bowersox, 24; the ever-wise Lee Dewyze, 24; and second-chance singer Michael Lynche, 26.

Although fans aren't likely to agree upon a clear-cut front-runner, everyone has their favorites among the final four. To figure out who those favorite performers are, MTV News hit the streets of New York City and asked "American Idol" fans to serve up their best Simon Cowell impressions and tell us who they think will win the competition this year.

"I think Casey James is going to win 'American Idol,' " said one female fan in New York's Time Square, "because he has a great voice and a great personality."

But Casey's votes ended there, with a majority of interviewees throwing their support behind Crystal Bowersox. "I want Crystal to win 'American Idol,' because she's awesome and she's just so genuine and great," said one fan, while a man in a banana suit (yes, you read that right) also proclaimed his loyalty to Crystal, declaring that he votes for her "every night."

"Crystal Bowersox is beautiful and has great talent," said one young "Idol" viewer, with her mother adding: "She's true to herself, and she's a parent. She's a mother, which is important as well!"

Another fan weighed in on Crystal's chances: "I think Crystal is going to win because she kind of has the edge, she has spunk, and she's a good singer as well." But this particular Crystal supporter was accompanied by a rival fan of Michael Lynche, who countered: "I think Big Mike is going to win, because he has an amazing voice and I love his dance moves."

"I think Michael Lynche is going to win because he's amazing," two friends agreed, narrowing down his finest qualities: "Everything about him: His style and his songs are amazing."

In the end, 65 percent of those polled supported Crystal, with 20 percent backing Michael and another 15 percent behind Casey. So where's the love for Lee Dewyze? It's hard to say, but as this poll's results are admittedly unscientific, it's a sure bet that Lee has his fair share of supporters lurking the streets of Manhattan.

Who do you think will win "American Idol"? Let us know in the comments below!

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