'The Dudesons In America' Premieres Tonight On MTV

'We've been a crippled bunch,' Jarppi says of insane, 'Jackass'-style stunts on new show.

Their motto is "Do first, think later."

That's pretty much all you need to know about the Dudesons, four Finnish friends who are not so much daredevils as they are straight-up nuts. They've been wreaking havoc in Europe for years, and they're about to invade U.S. TV screens with the Thursday (May 6) premiere of their new show, "The Dudesons in America," at 10 p.m. on MTV.

"Trying to live the American way of life, Dudesons-style!" laughed Jukka, the crew's blond ringleader.

It's a way of life they've been practicing together since becoming best friends in elementary school. "When I was 10 years old, I tried to build my own bomb after New Year's, when we have all these fireworks. I built it, and it actually blew up on my face and burned my face," Jukka recalled. "Two, three weeks ago, we did a stunt that didn't really go as planned, and I ended up in the middle of this big fireball and burned my face again. I guess you don't learn anything in 20 years, not with the Dudesons' way of life."

On the day we visited the Dudesons — in addition to Jukka, there's Jarppi, HP and Jarno — they were getting set to shoot a wicked stunt inspired by their favorite American action movies. They decided it would be cool to go all James Bond and drive a flaming car into an out-of-control barrel-roll maneuver. HP was the unfortunate one tasked with doing the driving. The car was smashed to pieces, but this bold Dudeson made it out without a scratch.

That's not to say they're always so lucky. Two days into filming, Jarno broke a rib. Two days later, Jarppi wrenched his back ("I broke my back!" he proudly announced), followed by Jukka's busted tailbone and ankle. Not to be excluded, HP tore his ACL before even setting foot on American soil.

"We've been a crippled bunch," Jarppi laughed.

Not that they care. They're in America and loving every minute of it. "Uncle Sam is our new best friend right now!" Jukka shouted.

Don't miss "The Dudesons in America" series premiere tonight at 10 p.m. on MTV.