Miley Cyrus Talks 'Can't Be Tamed' Video, Frame By Frame

'It's so cool so much fun to dance with all your friends,' she says of her sexy new clip.

On Tuesday, [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus'[/artist] sexy, dark clip for new single "Can't Be Tamed" premiered and made one thing clear: This isn't Hannah Montana anymore. The gothic-tinged video sees Cyrus as a bird-girl in a museum who breaks free and goes on a romp with her dancers by her side. The singer sat down with MTV News to give fans the inside scoop on the video, frame by frame.

"That's one of my favorite outfits with the cage around, with the big hair. I think it looks so cool. It's so different," she said about the opening shot of the Robert Hales-directed video. "I think this looks really cool because of the lighting and how it looks eerie, not creepy necessarily, but there's kind of a creepy vibe about it. I think it's very dramatic, even the lighting and the sound effects. I like how there's a lot of drama as soon as it comes on.

"The wings are so cool. The wings are amazing," she continued about her bird costume in the clip. "I love the wings and how different they are. I don't think there's a lot of videos that have stuff like that."

Once the music kicks in, Cyrus seductively dances in her cage, then breaks free and slinks through the museum with some very sexy dancers. "This all is a set so everything is real, except the wings. The wings that I have on that are the little ones there, but the big ones are just added," she explained. "The choreography I loved, the way it's almost kind of like 'Thriller,' where everyone wants to learn the dance. I think that's pretty cool. They're such unique moves, and it goes along with the song. It's very birdlike. The lighting sells the edginess of it, but the moves are just so memorable, I think.

"And then I like when it goes to harder part, which is the metal," she continued. "I love the big peacock feathers. The lighting it makes it beautiful too, not just all dark."

Cyrus soon is dancing very intimately with male and female dancers, which she said was "freestyle in the dark where they had one small light. We freestyled and danced around. The lighting is so amazing in this video. It's so cool, so much fun to dance with all your friends. I love the way it's slow-mo, and I can see all my friends' faces.

"I actually had a completely different [costume]," she said. "And that morning, creatively, I wasn't feeling the other one, so we made this one right there in the morning, and we added pieces throughout the day ... more leather and more feathers. I think it's really fun and kept changing the look."

Miley's new album, also called Can't Be Tamed, is due out June 22.