Lloyd Banks Promises 'Crazy' Guests On 'Beamer, Benz Or Bentley' Remix

G-Unit MC won't reveal whether Eminem is among the track's 'five or six' features.

50 Cent? Eminem? Either MC would seem a given to land on the remix of Lloyd Banks' street heater "Beamer, Benz or Bentley."

"I just mixed the remix last night," Banks told MTV News last week. "I was in the studio till about 4:30 or 5 in the morning, me and 50, sitting there getting it right. All I can say is that it's gonna be crazy. It's not gonna be what anybody expects — in more than one way."

That's one guest spot down. Now what about Mr. Mathers?

Last week, the rapper released a freestyle over Banks' track, but the G-Unit MC was tight-lipped about Slim Shady possibly appearing on the new track. He did reveal, though, that he'll be joined by "five or six" others rappers on the "Beamer" remix. "It's different regions. I'm getting crazy on there," he said. "I can say that much."

In April, Slim Thug let it out of the bag that he was contacted by the G-Unit camp to hop on the official remix. The original track, released independently, currently rests at #23 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, and at #56 on the Hot 100.

Banks, who parted ways with Interscope Records in 2007, said he didn't want to veer off too much from his gutter sound on his next full-length release. The approach seems to be working: "Beamer, Benz or Bentley," the first single from the upcoming project, has helped spawn his return to prominence.

"I didn't want to just come back with a commercial record that's gonna be worked mainstream," he said. "The first thing [some of the fans are] gonna do is question you: 'Where have you been?' For some people, this is my first record back, for those that just pay attention to the radio. But for those who follow MTV.com and ThisIs50.com, they know I've been leaving my mark on the Internet scene for the past year."

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