Aaron Kelly Sent Packing On 'American Idol'

Michael Lynche joins him in the bottom two, despite experts predicting Casey James' exit.

On this week's "American Idol," the top five went old school, tackling the time-tested songbook of Frank Sinatra. So it was perhaps not all that surprising that the show's youngest contestant ended up getting the boot.

Yes, on Wednesday night's (May 5) results show, voters sent 17-year-old Aaron Kelly packing, thanks largely to his shaky performance of "Fly Me to the Moon," a timid turn that Simon Cowell rather rightfully described as "mouse"-like.

Still, despite coming so close to winning it all, Kelly was all smiles when host Ryan Seacrest told him his time was up, saying, "I've had a great time; I've had a blast," before taking one more run at "Moon" (and, to be honest, this version was much better than Tuesday night's).

And while Kelly's exit wasn't exactly shocking, it was who joined him in the bottom two that raised more than a few eyebrows: Michael Lynche, the big-bodied crooner who won praise for his jazzy version of "The Way You Look Tonight," a performance Cowell and fellow judge Ellen DeGeneres particularly liked.

In the end, Lynche survived, and joined Lee Dewyze — a lock to advance after his swinging, swaggering take on "That's Life" — Crystal Bowersox and, somewhat surprisingly, Casey James, in the top four.

James had been most "Idol" experts' pick to get the boot on Wednesday, following an awkward version of "Blue Skies." And yet, he avoided elimination yet again (maybe it had something to do with his scruffy, sorta-beard).

Earlier in the show, Lady Gaga — who wore black (lace) in keeping with the classy, Sinatra vibe of the show — strutted through a performance of her current single "Alejandro," and Sinatra Week mentor Harry Connick Jr. crooned his way through a version of the Lennon/McCartney classic "And I Love Her" (from his new album of covers, Your Songs) and was joined by the remaining "Idol" hopefuls through a medley of his own hits.

Next week, frequent "Idol" collaborator Jamie Foxx will help guide the top four through some of Hollywood's best-known movie music.

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