'Transformers 3' Signs Patrick Dempsey, Not Jamie Kennedy

Previous reports that Kennedy would appear in next 'Transformers' film denied by actor's representation.

"Grey's Anatomy" star Patrick Dempsey is onboard for "Transformers 3." Jamie Kennedy is not. Cinema Blend reported earlier this week that both actors were in — the Dempsey news came from a translated interview with a Brazilian outlet and the Kennedy news came from an appearance he made on an Arizona radio station.

MTV News reached out to Kennedy's representation for confirmation, and they replied with the following statement: "This was taken out of context from a radio interview where Jamie mentioned he had auditioned for 'Transformers 3' and as a huge fan of the franchise, would love to be a part of it. At this time Jamie is in no way attached to the film." No other details about Kennedy's involvement are known, including the part he auditioned for in the first place.

The Dempsey news comes from Paramount, via Variety, which is also reporting the studio's confirmation that shooting will get going on "Transformers 3" sometime this month. Stars Shia LeBeouf and Megan Fox are, of course, returning. Dempsey, who revealed that he'll play a "dark" character, will fill the role of Fox's boss.

Before he joins director Michael Bay and his fellow "Transformers 3" actors on the set, Dempsey will first fulfill his commitments to the indie comedy "Flypaper." He stars as a guy who has a crush on a local bank teller (Jessica Biel) and ends up trapped in said bank during two simultaneous robberies. The script for that one comes from "The Hangover" writers Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

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